Join us in our quest to fundamentally change the way the world thinks about dairy heifers.

Traditionally dairy replacements have been thought of as a cost, an expense to be kept as low as possible to enable feed and resources to be directed to the lactating herd. More and more people (including successful Dairymen and Scientists) now agree on the importance of heifer rearing on profitability and sustainability of the farming business.

Jersey Service Bulls available for Lease

We have high quality 
virgin yearlings for use over yearling heifers. Each bull has recently been health tested and vaccinated and is provided with a bull health certificate as evidence of:

  • TB - Cadual fold Tested Free
  • BVD - Antigen Test (PI - Persistently Infected) Free 
  • BVD & IBR - 1st Vaccination 'Hiprobovis®'
  • BVD & IBR- 2nd Vaccination 'Hiprobovis®'
  • Leptospirosis Vaccination 
  • Ultravac 6 in 1 booster vaccination
  • Monthly Tick control with ‘Flumethrin’
  • Regular internal parasite monitored and drenched
  • Vet inspected free of any clinical signs of disease or any obvious 
  • LIC 'MINDA' recorded with 3 generation pedigree available
  • High BW sons of Ambreed and LIC sires available
  • Liveweight records available

These bulls are well grown, owned by New Zealand Grazing Co Ltd and have been selected and prepared for use over their clients’ replacement dairy heifers. Their specification status is industry ‘best practice’ and exceeds the recommendations made by the InCalf Book.

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